How to Treat Hemorrhoids Naturally at Home Fast and For Good

Ethan Knight

August 3, 2014

Effective Remedies For Treating Hemorrhoids Naturally Video


Watch Video and learn How to treat hemorrhoids naturally at home and permanently has always been the favoured approach by sufferers. Fearing surgery has many of its own reasons. Mainly, because surgical hemorrhoid treatment has many side effects!


This is how one hemorrhoid sufferer put it…

“I had banding (rubber band ligation) done yesterday. I was told that it was a simple piles treatment- you go in have it done and go home. On arriving home I felt nausea and was shaking like a leaf and shivering all over. I just could not get warm at all! The pain was so intense which I had been warned about and was told to have hot bath to ease the discomfort.

The trouble was that I could not get in and out of the bath. A hot water bottle helped a little but the pain killers did nothing to blank out the pain. Having given birth without gas and drugs, I thought I could handle anything that was thrown my way. But on waking this morning after a rather restless night’s sleep I felt as though I had been kicked by a horse in the lower base of my spine. I will never subject myself to this type of hemorrhoid treatment again.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to surgical hemorrhoids removal and its associated complications. However, that being said surgery is an effective hemorrhoids treatment and it works well for many sufferers. It’s just when things don’t work out for you, those problems can arise. Another negative factor regarding surgery is that they don’t actually treat the root causes of hemorrhoids and therefore you may need to undergo further surgery again in the future. Lifestyle changes, diets, exercise regimes all play their part to help prevent hemorrhoids.

Video: How To Alleviate Hemorrhoids Pain Fast With Herbal Remedies

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How to Treat Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Bleeding hemorrhoids usually happens during a difficult bowel movement as in cases of constipation or diarrhoea and other diseases.

If you notice bleeding you must rule out other more serious conditions like colorectal cancer and anal cancer by visiting your doctor. Please do not assume that the bleeding is coming from your hemorrhoids. Your doctor is trained to diagnose this so don’t be embarrassed to call in to the surgery for an examination and some good advice on how to treat bleeding hemorrhoids fast and safely.

What is more important, is that, if you notice that the blood is black and kind of tar like and also mixed in with your stools you should consult your doctor immediately. This is a good indicator of bleeding inside the digestive tract. Fresh red blood is commonly associated with bleeding hemorrhoids.

If you find that you are bleeding heavily and feeling dizzy, weakened and faintish you will need emergency care and hence will need quick treatment. Call for an ambulance or call an emergency number immediately and explain your situation to them giving them you address and phone number and as much details as you can.

In the meantime soak a face cloth with cold water and place against your hemorrhoids whilst staying as still as you can. Rushing around can increase the bleeding. Afterwards, immediately place an ice pack over the area.

How to Stop Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Cold water spray directed to the hemorrhoids will also slow down the bleeding and clean the area as well before an ice pack or cold compress can be applied. Apply some Vaseline over the affected area once the bleeding stops as well as some Witch Hazel solution to reduce the swelling.

In most instances bleeding hemorrhoids will respond well to these treatments. Bleeding normally stops after 2 to 3 days. However, if you continue to experience severe bleeding or no real change in your hemorrhoids symptoms over a period of 3 to 4 days or more, discontinue the use of any piles products and visit your doctor immediately. It’s time to re-evaluate what you are doing that’s causing your hemorrhoids to flare-up. Your doctor may perform or recommend some other test to find out more about your problem and any underlying more serious conditions that could be causing the bleeding.

Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Condition

External hemorrhoids usually go away after a day or two. This of course depends on your diet, water consumption and other factors like exercise, medication and so on. If you happen to stray from you usual well balanced diet, irregular bowel movement can take place causing hemorrhoids to flare-up. On occasions the blood can pool to form a painful blood clot. This is a condition called a thrombosed hemorrhoid and takes on a somewhat bluish appearance. It is not really conclusive as to why they develop. They can also show up after child birth presumably caused by the excess pressure exerted by pushing the foetus out and stretching the surrounding varicose veins.

If left medically untreated they can be extremely uncomfortable but generally go away after a while leaving a hanging skin tag. Many sufferers see good results with home remedies for hemorrhoids and OTC treatments. Thrombosed hemorrhoid treatments take the form of the Sitz bath, Witch Hazel application, Vaseline anal canal lubrication. On occasions surgery can help to remove the loose skin tag or the hemorrhoids itself and stop the irritation and pain it often causes. Banding is often employed but is not suitable for all and can be quite painful as it cuts off the blood flow to the offending hemorrhoids. Surgery is often painful, so if you have a low pain threshold this choice of treatment is probably not for you.

Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Treatment


Because of the changes that happens to a pregnant woman’s body especially the increasing foetal weight, hormonal changes and so on, constipation and diarrhea also predominates. As you already know this puts extra pressure on the anal canal causing hemorrhoids to develop. On most occasions hemorrhoid relief is experienced after child birth. However, on occasions where the symptoms of hemorrhoids persist after child birth, there are a few things that you can do to ease the piles symptoms. Be careful what you do and take special care because you do not want to hurt your precious baby. If you are unsure of anything, it is best to discuss matters with your doctor first.

Some things to try that are rendered safe:

  • Do not sit in one position for long periods of time
  • Prevent straining by increasing your fibre consumption
  • Increase your water intake
  • Exercise
  • Use a Sitz bath 2 to 3 times a day with warm water and Epsom salt and or Dead Sea salt to soak the inflamed hemorrhoids. Moisturise or lubricate area after treatment.
  • Kegel Exercises: Perform Kegel exercises to add strength to the vaginal and rectal muscles. These exercises also help to tone the already weakened hemorrhoidal tissues and may play a big part in preventing further hemorrhoidal episodes.

How to Treat Hemorrhoids Naturally at Home

Treating hemorrhoids naturally at home can take the form of a Sitz bath, Witch Hazel application, and Vaseline anal lubrication as well as many other natural home remedies.
Tackling the root causes of hemorrhoids is the best preventative measures for how not to get hemorrhoids in the first place. These are some preventative hemorrhoids treatments to put into action:

Increase your fibre intake: Prunes are an excellent source of fibre and they also have a laxative effect. Add them to your cereals or just munch a few daily. They are quite tasty.
Stool Softeners: A good one is Colace and this will help you to have an easier bowel movement.

Vinegar: Simply dab some organic apple cider to your hemorrhoids after cleaning with water or wet tissue. It may sting a little at first. Because of the astringent properties of the vinegar it will calm the itching and stop the burning.

Witch Hazel: Similar to vinegar, simply clean the hemorrhoids region and dab some witch Hazel on to the area. Do this 3 to 4 times daily until swelling subsides and then reduce treatment times.

Water: Drink at least 3 litres of water per day. Helps to increase the bowel movement and stops the stools from drying out.

Garlic, Witch Hazel and Coconut oil: Crush 3 cloves of garlic witch some Witch Hazel solution and cold waxy unrefined coconut oil. Form them into suitable sized suppositories and freeze them. When required remove from the freezer, smooth out any sharp edges and insert into the anal canal. It will burn a little and then sooth the area. Many sufferers experience quick results for How to Treat Hemorrhoids naturally at Home and fast with this garlic remedy.

To save time and avoid further pain and save a lot of money, read our reviews on the best 4 natural home remedies for how to treat hemorrhoids naturally to find the best product for you and your lifestyle.

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