16 Proven Ways How To Treat And Heal Hemorrhoids (Piles) Fast And Easy at Home Without Pain

Ethan Knight

July 26, 2014

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Ways of how to treat hemorrhoids fast and prevent a re-occurrence are in the thoughts of your mind when the dreaded agonising pain and bleeding hemorrhoid are actually happening to you.

Hemorrhoids or piles symptoms are one of those awkward embarrassing conditions that can crop up at any time without warning. These can be either the external or internal hemorrhoids problems. The two things you will be asking and want quick answers for are firstly what is the best hemorrhoid treatment and secondly how to prevent hemorrhoids from coming back?

How To Treat Hemorrhoids

How To Treat Hemorrhoids… Pain in the Butt!!

Inflamed internal hemorrhoids happen when a bulge is triggered in the interior of the anal canal. Many piles victims have found that using natural treatments for treating hemorrhoids symptoms were much better. They were preferred to the embarrassing unpleasant medical procedures and its associated side effect experienced by a number of sufferers.

These natural piles treatments for how to treat hemorrhoids are normally free from side effects because of the “time-trusted” herbal ingredients that are sourced and used in their formulations. You see hemorrhoids perform an important function and that relates to the regulation of stool departure and closing-off, of the anal opening to stop things from flowing out.

So why do you want to get rid of it? Isn’t it better to find a permanent cure utilizing the best ways of how to heal hemorrhoids naturally without surgery and keep it intact and let it do the job that nature intended!

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What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are the cushion like network of veins that are found below the mucus membranes that lines the lower rectum and anal regions (see picture below). We only become aware of them when these varicose like veins becomes swollen and distended mainly through straining caused by a difficult bowel movement as in cases of chronic constipation.

What are Hemorrhoids

Internal and External Hemorrhoids

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Types of Hemorrhoids

There are two types of hemorrhoids which also known as piles. Hemorrhoids can be ot the internal tpye (forming above the dentate line), external type (forming below the dentate line), or can be mixed.

Internal Hemorrhoids

Internal Piles sufferers hardly experience any discomforting hemorrhoidal pain. The reason being that the visceral nerves that line the inside of the anal canal where the hemorrhoids are formed are not subjective to pain. They are nevertheless, sensitive to pressure.

A better explanation: The anal canal is actually divided and has differing nervous innervations above and below the pectinate line Above the pectinate line where the internal hemorrhoids are formed, the nerve supply is visceral, coming from the inferior hypogastric plexus.  As is it visceral, this part of the anal canal is only sensitive to stretch.

Below the pectinate line, the nerve supply is somatic, receiving its supply from the inferior rectal nerves (branches of the pudendal).  This is where the external hemorrhoids are formed. As it is somatically innervated, it is sensitive to pain, temperature, and touch.

Inflamed internal hemorrhoids trigger a bulge or swelling in the interior of the anal canal. When the piles protrudes from the anus, due to the collapse of the lining it is medically termed a “Prolapsed internal Hemorrhoid”. Many sufferers’ techniques for how to treat internal hemorrhoids are to push it back in with a lubricated finger and squeeze the buttocks muscles together to hold it in place. This does the trick until the next bowel movement when it becomes loose again. And the procedure needs to be repeated.

External Hemorrhoids

External piles are formed around the outer rectal region with different degrees of severity and pain. These symptoms of hemorrhoids can be itchy and very painful at times especially during defecation. Sufferers of this type find it very uncomfortable to sit or move about and perform their daily activities. It gets in the way of work, their social life, sports activities and much more. Finding quick ways for how to get external hemorrhoids relief fast are extremely essential for these sufferers.

Typical Piles Symptoms Indicators

  • Notice new fresh red blood on toilet tissue and or splattering inside the toilet bowl, on the stools and reddened toilet water
  • Feel tender lumpy veins around the exterior of anal region
  • Experience some pain and burning sensation throughout a bowel activity
  • Trouble sitting, standing and moving about
  • Some pain when urinating and passing wind
  • It is exceptionally crucial to make a quick appointment with your doctor if you discover blood in your stools. This is a precautionary measure to rule out any underlying condition such as colon or colorectal cancer. Whist there, you will also get some good information on best remedies for hemorrhoids. Any underlying problem if caught early can be quickly and successfully treated and may well save you from a lot of grief later-on.

Understand What Causes Hemorrhoids (Piles) in order to know Best How to Prevent Hemorrhoids from Developing?

The following list contains some of the most common causes of hemroids.

  • Straining for prolonged periods when passing stools puts severe pressure on the hemorrhoidal veins and swells them.
  • Pregnancy
  • Irregularity- will cause severe straining when the need to visit the toilet actually takes place. The stool will be hardened and are likely to cause stretching, rubbing and inflammation of the rectal walls.
  • Diarrhoea
  • Obesity- like pregnancy this puts extra pressure on the varicose type hemorrhoidal veins affecting blood circulation
  • Diet plan significantly lacking in fibre
  • Sitting or standing for extended time periods causes circulatory issues
  • Dehydration causes hardening of the stools and anal irritation when passed

How to Treat Hemorrhoids Naturally?

If you visit your doctor’s regarding how to treat your chronic swollen hemorrhoids naturally at home you will be told on many occasions to enhance your fibre consumption. This is done by consuming foods like apples, peas, beans and so on. Be careful with quickly consuming a lot of fibre as it can cause bloating, diarrhoea and IBS. Increase fibre slowly and see how your body feels or reacts to the change. Then either you can increase your fibre intake or cut back- so listen to your body, especially your stomach.

Good Fibre sources are: Oats, Bran, wholegrain, freshly ground flax seeds and psyllium seed husk

How to Treat Hemorrhoids at Home Fast with Good Natural Piles Remedies to Try?

Below is a list of some of the tried and tested natural home therapies for piles that have actually assisted many thousands of sufferers:

  • Decrease your intake of refined foods.
  • Cut back on spicy food especially the hot peppers
  • Enhance your water consumption by drinking good quality filtered water (Aim for at least 3 litres per day).
  • Reduce your meat consumption as they are devoid of fibre and hence will take longer to digest and pass through your alimentary canal. Too much can also cause constipation.
  • Try not to not strain throughout a bowel activity. If you find yourself straining for more than 10 seconds, stop and relax for about a minute or two. During this time perform some arm circulations (about 50 or more) and then massage the stomach area. Starting near your appendix at the lowest right side of your belly, apply pressure in small circular movements. Careful not to apply pressure too hard, as to not compact the fecal matter more. In a continuous circular motion move up to your lower right side ribs and then across to your lower left side ribs and then down to your groin area and repeat. You can also do this several times throughout the day. Use some olive oil or similar to help.
  • Do not force or try to make a bowel movement happen if you are not ready. Wait for the natural urge to have one.
  • Ease the bowel movement by using stool softeners
  • Use an ice pack on the anal area to cool down and reduce the swelling and hence ease the discomfort
  • Use witch hazel to dab onto the external hemorrhoids to stop the swelling and itching.
  • Try using garlic suppositories.
  • Avoid irregularity and so on.

Recommended Proven Permanent Treatments for Hemorrhoids Symptoms

A few of the leading methods on exactly how to treat the symptoms of hemorrhoids ( piles) naturally at home for good are to follow trusted and verified therapies for piles disease. If you are attempting to do this yourself, this can cause you many wasted months to years of agony and needless suffering.

Many piles victims who have successfully used natural remedies for getting hemorrhoids relief at home fast have found them far better.  The embarrassing agonizing medical treatment for hemorrhoids and its related negative side effects are widely disapproved-of.

Piles carry out a function which relates to stool control and closing-off the anal area. After surgery, the sufferer might experience more mucosal and or fecal leakage as the anal closure might not function appropriately, if it is tampered-with or removed. Finding a good proven treatment for dealing with hemorrhoids fast and naturally is 100% better than having to suffer embarrassing mishaps from the surgery.

Check out the links below for a greater understanding on exactly how to treat your agonizing painful hemorrhoids and effectively get rid of piles symptoms naturally, quickly, safely and for good.

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