27 Ways How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids (Piles)- Stop Pain, Bleeding, Itching, Swelling, Fast Naturally at Home

Ethan Knight

July 26, 2014

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“Just like my dad”, sufferers are searching for ways how to get rid of hemorrhoids (Piles) and are particularly looking for natural effective safe remedies to get piles relief fast. I often heard my dad painful cries during a difficult bowel movement and to my great relief, one day it all stopped! Our topic will therefore focus on the best ways of getting rid of hemorrhoids (piles) symptoms and hence we will cover a few of the conventional and natural means of how to relieve hemorrhoids naturally and pain free as possible.

Hemorrhoids or Piles are swollen rich blood vessels found around the rectum and are observed more, in people who are in the age areas of about 45 years or more. It is not life threatening but can be very painful at times. Frequent constipation appears to be the most common cause of hemorrhoids and my dad will tell you he had his fair share of them.

Hemorrhoids Can be a real Pain in the But...

Hemorrhoids Can be a real Pain in the Butt…

He put it down to his way of life, shift work, interrupted sleep pattern, eating at irregular times, stress trying to make end meet to bring up his family and an unsettled stomach. I can understand why my dad developed hemorrhoids. The irregular patterns in sleeping and eating and rushing around soon took it toll on my dad. The price of it all was the agonising pain of swollen bleeding chronic hemorrhoids.

Piles treatment falls under classifications like OTC medicines, rubber band ligation, sclerotheraph (injection), coagulation, surgical hemorrhoidal removal procedures and the natural home remedy for how to get rid of piles.

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How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Naturally and Feel Better Quickly- Some Natural Hemorrhoids Remedies to Try!

A lot of people that develops piles and want to know what is the most effective treatment for how to relieve or get rid of painful piles naturally and quickly, initially try to take care of their problems by themselves. Just like my dad, myself and others did, they simply proceed to the nearest drug store, talk to the pharmacist and then purchase OTC treatments for hemorrhoids.

The problems often encountered with these type of temporary OTC remedies  are that they are often used for too long without much self discipline causing the piles symptoms to become more acute. As a result the treatment soon lose their effectiveness causing you more pain and bleeding as I found out from my own experience.

Many natural remedies for treating hemorrhoids can bring quick relief if you only take the time to make a few adjustments to the way you live and the type of food you eat and drink. For example, a small amount of cayenne pepper/ chilli  is fine as it helps with circulation.

However, eating too much can irritate the lining of the rectum as the stools passes through. This can lead to inflammation and swollen panful hemorrhoids.

The problem however for many is that they do not have the necessary information that they can quickly act upon for how to heal hemorrhoids fast. We have been lied too for too long by the giant food manufacturers and fast food outlets that promotes all the bad food stuff with expensive ads. There is also a general concern amongst sufferers, because talking about ways of how to heal hemorrhoids fast with a stranger can itself be a very humiliating experience. This is exactly like my dad, just wanted to bottle it all up and keep things to himself hoping it will go away.

Another problem is that when most of us get some relief we go back to our old habits of eating and drinking. I guess it’s probably just human nature. Probably, because the info is not printed out for us to follow as a guide and therefore we stray from time to time. And so the cycle starts all over again!

If you don’t manage your stools properly and especially by eating a poor low fibre diet you can make them hard and they will cause you to become constipated.  When you defecate they will push against the side walls of the rectum, expanding them and causing inflammation and swollen hemorrhoids as well as bleeding and agonizing pain.

How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Fast

Internal and External Hemorrhoids

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How to Get Rid of Hemorhoids Fast to Relieve the Bleeding and Excruciating Pain

Let’s take a closer look at the available ways for how to get rid of painful piles fast and naturally to see exactly how they can help us to quickly relieve or treat our piles symptoms. Learning how to heal hemorrhoids will certainly put you in a better position to tackle these annoying painful itchy hemorrhoids troubles “head-on” so that you never suffer a re-occurrence again.

Of course the very best choice for effectively treating or getting rid of hemorrhoids symptoms completely has constantly been to deal with the root causes of the piles symptoms.  This was the step my dad took to finally bring him relief from his chronic hemorrhoids and ease his agonising bowel movements. This consists of dealing with the piles symptoms from both the inside and the outside of the body- so keep that in mind.

Is a Poor Diet Causing your Constipation and Piles?

A poor diet or one that is severely lacking in fibre can cause you constipation and other problems like piles disease as the food remains far too long in you colon. The decaying foodstuff can form the breeding ground of bad bacteria and other micro-organisms that release poisonous gases and toxic waste products which can get into your blood stream and make it dirty. Fungus like Candida can cause a lot of bloating, release toxic substances into the blood, cause weight problems and other factors relating to piles symptoms developing. These all need to be addressed. Getting rid of hemorrhoids fast can take 3 approaches:

  1. Use Natural Supplements
  2. Change your Lifestyle and diet
  3. Surgery

Minimally Invasive Hemorrhoids Removal Methods

Injection (Sclerotheraph): A fluid (phenol or quinine urea) is injected directly into the base of the hemorrhoid symptoms. Piles symptoms can return years later and will need further phenolic injections.

Rubber Band Ligation: The concept here is to tie-off the base of the hemorrhoid cushion with a secure elastic band. What then happens is that the blood flow is stopped causing the hemorrhoidal tissue to shrivels-up, die and falls off.

Heat Coagulation (Infrared, Laser or Polar)

There are numerous heat therapies for getting rid of hemorrhoids tissues that promote inflammation and scarring. Some of the treatments are Bipolar Diathermy, Direct Current Electrotherapy and Infrared Photo Coagulation.

They cause the internal hemorrhoids to shrivel, harden and scar. Some discomfort is experienced but less so than with elastic band ligation.

Piles symptoms however come back more frequently than with the slightly better elastic band ligation hemroids symptoms treatment.

Surgical Piles Symptoms Treatment

Your physician might recommend a medical hemorrhoids treatment if you have actually attempted the many non-surgical piles therapy available for how to get rid of piles without much success. Due to the fact that there are fewer complications with natural remedies for piles than with painful operative piles treatment, non-surgical hemorrhoids treatments for relieving hemorrhoids fast and safely are therefore well desired alternatives.

Hemorrhoidectomy: Surgical removals of hemorrhoids are clinically known as Hemorrhoidectomy or stapled Hemorrhoidectomy. This piles treatment is usually reserved for more advanced cases of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid Stapling: This method of treating hemorrhoids fast works by cutting off the blood flow to the offending hemorrhoidal cells.

How to Treat Hemorrhoids with OTC Remedies?

Gels and Creams for Treating and Shrinking Hemorrhoids Symptoms

Shrinking piles symptoms with over the counter (OTC) hemorrhoidal therapies can offer some quick help for relieving hemorrhoids as well. It’s always wise to talk with your doctor. Ask for their recommendation in terms of what is a good hemorrhoid remedy for shrinking hemorrhoids and what side effects can I expect from the treatments on offer?

OTC Piles treatments are not permanent cures. Hence you will continue to need more treatments to help shrink piles because of the flare-ups you will occasionally get.

Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Hemorrhoids that you can Try to get Quick Relief when the Pain and Bleeding and Itching Kicks in

Many home remedies for getting rid of hemorrhoids can really make some big changes to your life and greatly ease the annoying pain and relieve the persistent bleeding.

Does it feel like you are passing glass and bleeding to death with your dreaded scary bowel movements? Yes some sufferers experience bleeding as though they were peeing blood for the duration of their bowel movement. It could really make you queasy just thinking about it. I know only too well from the hushed cries my dad went through!

Here are some good home remedies for piles that may be of great help.

Effective Warm Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoids: 3 times a day for 15 to 20 minutes. This is recommended for stopping the itching, reducing swelling, healing and cleansing hemorrhoids and anal fissures. This is an effective temporary treatment for how to treat external hemorrhoids. This is best carried out after your bowel movement by sitting in a bath or large basin of warm water with some salt. Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, cooking salt or just plain warm water is all good to use. You can also get a sitz bath that sits on the toilet seat if you want- Ask at your pharmacist.

In your kitchen- Cloves of Garlic: Grind/ pound garlic cloves with some olive oil/ coconut oil and make them into small suppositories. Freeze them if you want and insert into rectum when required.

Warning- this is going to sting like hell and might well bring tears to your eyes for a few minutes and then you will feel numbness in the area without the burning but the rewards are well worth it. Prepare yourself properly for this one if you are going to give it a try.

Stool Softeners: Softeners like “Colace” will help with your defecation as it makes it easier to pass stools without the straining. However, if the hemorrhoids are inflamed and bleeding even the semi soft stools can still trigger some inflammation and discomfort.

Keep Underwear Clean: Change underwear frequently especially if you are prone to leakages, bleeding and little accidents. It might be a good idea to keep spares with you. Choose loose cotton fabrics to stop the area becoming sweaty which will cause more itching.

Change Clothing Frequently: It is a good idea to change your clothes often especially if you wear trousers. Leakages, be it blood, mucus or feaces can easily pass through your undergarments and soil your outer ones. You may not notice this as it dries off but it will habour lots of germs that could easily be passed on. Yourself and others might easily get them on their hands by simply touching the places where you’ve sat.

Ice Cubes: You can use this in two ways. 1. Insert small smooth pieces into the anus to cool and reduce the swelling and 2. Use as a compress on the external hemorrhoids to soothe them.

Witch Hazel: Apply with soft tissue, cotton wool or use a Witch Hazel swab. If it is suitable for you, apply 3 times a day and then once when things starts to clear up. Lots of people use this one and it has now become one the most favourite home remedies for hemorrhoids.

Aloe Vera: Apply with soft tissue or cotton wool or finger. If is is suitable for you apply 3 times a day and then once when things starts to clear up. Excellent soothing and healing properties.

Good Source of Fibres: Best eaten fresh and raw when ever you can. Good sources are vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Helps to soften the stool and lessen the straining and is one of the first ways of preventing hemorrhoids. Increase fibre in moderation to prevent IBS and diarrhoea. Listen to your body.

Nutmeg: Take half a teaspoon of nutmeg morning and night. Many sufferers report good news with this treatment.

Good Quality Water: Prevents dehydration and also prevents the stool from hardening which is one of the main causes of hemorrhoids. Replace all your soda and colas with water. Add some fruits like lemons and oranges to the water to flavour them. Soda and cola have caffeine in them that causes dehydration and hardened stools.

Exercise: Perform some exercise to help with digestion and sluggish bowel movement. Walking is a good start.

How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids When Pregnant?

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Hemorrhoids symptoms often occur during pregnancy due to the extra strain that is placed on the hemorrhoidal veins as well as the pushing/straining force of childbirth itself. This causes them to become swollen and sensitive when touched. Therefore, ways on how to heal hemorrhoids when pregnant as naturally as possible can really improve the quality of your life.

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My dad did it with the H Miracle Treatment by Holly Haden and the Venapro capsules and spray. He didn’t want any more hemorrhoid pain and so tried both natural treatments and now swears by both of them and wished he had know about them years back. His years of agonising pain from his bowel movement is now permanent history and he looks in great shape. His confidence is “Fully Restored”. I am so proud and pleased for him!! Those hushed cries of agony are now long gone. The funny thing is that he now talks openly about it, whereas he used to just bottle it all up in the past. Amazing what renewed confidence can do… is all I can say…

Your arrival on this page is by no accident. Everything in life happens for a reason. You have been thinking of treating your hemorrhoids naturally without surgery for some time. Your time to do so has now come! This is why your faith has led you here to this website and this particular page!! Your hemorrhoids cure is now in your own hands.

Worse case senario, tomorrow your hemorrhoids may burst. It may be in public or at home, who knows! The thing is, you can do something about it today and save yourself the shame and un-aldulterated embarrassment of a co-worker hearing your hushed cries of your agonizing bowel movement. Cubicles are not the ideal places to do your business but unfortunately for you, most work and public places do have them.

Imagine if you happen to get constipated one day, which is a fairly common thing with our western diet and you need to visit the toilet at work-what do you think is going to happen. If you are already suffering from swollen hemorrhoids you are certainly going to strain and most likely make un-intentional painful cries. What happen if a colleague is in the next cubicle. There will be finger pointing… I hope you get the point…

You now have a choice to make about whether you want to finally cure your hemorrhoids or not. It should be a fairly obvious one. If you are worried about costs etc then you shouldn’t because the ingredients you require can be found in your local grocery store that you can get along with your weekly shopping. You are probably already using some of them without knowing and what proportions is best for you.

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